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. they will lambaste me for that. but it can be a simple exercise when you use a purloined letter prism where the answers are right in front of you. edgar allan poe could have been the first portfolio manager. quoth the raven, buy low, sell high. so let's go to the moment i get out of the shower. first, because i work out i like to brush my teeth for a second time of the day. what do i use? no, not a bottle of jack. how did that get here? do i look like kesha other than the fact she uses a dollar sign when she spells her name? i use a toy. the church and dwight electric toothbrush. gets in the hard to reach places. church & dwight, which you know as arm & hammer, is one of my favorite stocks. an american innovator and brand line extender for everything from brillo to laundry detergents and toothbrushes. it's rallied this year when the averages are struggling. right in front of you. 7%? no. 25. my toothpaste? let's see. well, colgate which uh i regard as the great toothpaste innovator. these guys are the edison of toothpaste. i like total. it does the job for me. must be doing the job for othe
woe save the euro and stop buying yields from poor countries from spiking using any means necessary. and the move will continue until the squabbling begins in and the year of good feeling ends. we do get to make some money minimum. how about the earnings front? all right. let's take a look. i like this company very much. for starters, monday, going to hear from anadarko after the cl growth story and totally stalled. natural gas done going down, kept hearing that chatter? anadarko said the things, the best place could be apache. why? that reports thursday a good opportunity to pick some up ahead, their product profile is very similar. also on monday, the sound system for some of apple's best products comes from a company called cirrus logic. while they can't talk about apple without the risk of losing that account, their forecast could give us the clue we need to figure out when apple is going to launch the iphone 5 that is the most important piece of the puzzle for this stalled tech stock i think about ready to take off. then masco. houses coming back this kitchen and bath might be
'm saying it can be a bit of a simple exercise when you use a pearl-lined prism when the answers are right in front of you. edgar allen poe could have been the great portfolio manager "quote the raven, buy low, sell high." let's go through the contents of my kit bag, the moment i get out of the shower. first because i work out before the shower, i like to brush my teeth for a second time of the day. what i do use? no, not a bottle of jack. how did that get here? i do look like keisha? other than the fact that she uses the dollar sign instead of an s when she spells her name? ha. no, i use a brand-new toy. i use the church and dwight electric toothbrush. gets in all those hard to reach places. church and dwight, which you know as arm and hammer perhaps, is one of my favorite stocks. and american innovator and brand line extender for everything from baking soda and brillo to laundry detergent and toothbrushes. this domestically-focused stock has rallied almost 25% this year while the averages are struggling. right in front of you. 7%? no, 25. my toothpaste? let's see. my toothpaste. well, co
acknowledged weakness in europe but is using it to his advantage to expand with new brands. if only the european business of every other company was as weak as vf's. yes, we saw it with walgreen today. i prefer cvs which my charitable trust is buying. you can say, listen, this is over reaction. walgreen was getting busy dying until this morning because of a tussle with express scripps that cost hundreds of thousands of customers that moved to cvs. the ceo of walgreens knew no matter what he did -- acquisitions, raising dividend he couldn't please shareholders until he resolved the thing with express scripts. people say he caved but walgreens had to get busy living. the result, bringing walgreen back to where it was before the kerfuffle started. we are seeing brokers flattering outfits like morgan stanley. they are not taking advantage of the world's woes. to me seems like they are getting busy buying. wells fargo, the company is soliciting the business it is troubled banks need to sell. purchase of energy lending was called as a major growth initiative. i think there are more deals
to focus on the losses europe gives us every morning. they could care less that this might be the moment to buy the all american petsmart. they don't want to use the sell-off caused by spanish bond yields to get into ross stores even though it isn't even in this country let alone nothing in europe. it feels like you were taking your life into your hands. can you take a shot at colgate let alone invest in it. tomorrow might bring a story about sicily or catalonia. check your maps. google them. is it too early to buy j & j with restructuring ahead, coca-cola though they are only down 15 cents today? no. if you let your screen drenched in red and the action of spain take over your brain renting space telling you to stay the heck away from all stocks because the world is ending, you aren't thinking about buying petsmart, johnson & johnson, colgate, ross stores or coke. no. you could care less. it's a recipe for panic, not opportunity. uh used to turn my screen off days like today and just pick stocks. people don't do it anymore. what do they do? pass on the lows of the day europe generated o
are not improving as expected. hold it! hold the phone. we know that the u.s. has been weak, but brazil, china and ind india? that is the b-c and i of brick. the acronym for the fastest growing countries on the planet. so no doubt that the whole world is slowing if the b-c-i are slipping and the r, russia, cannot carry the world. and then one last one the revenues have been negatively impacted by the appreciation of the u.s. dollar against a number of currencies. that is a coup de gras, and the dollar has gone up this week and gotten worse. here we go. 271 words. 271 little words of inelegant prose from columbus, indiana, took down your whole stock market and why not. here is cummings best -- i mean, the best of the best. and the growth and the manufacturing with the flow ball scale was taking the market share from the principle competitor and now they are having a hard time and now you know the real truth of what is happening out there in industrial america. in the industrial world. sure, there was other negative news in the last 24 hours and the applied devices and the semiconductor firms an
like to empower you. that starts with teaching you the tricks i use to pick great stocks and trade them like a pro. methods that served me well for over 30 years of investing that allowed me to generate a 24% annual return after fees at my old hedge fund. these skills refresh this show and guide me as i manage my own charitable trust which you can follow at where i tell you everything before i ever pull the trigger. [ gunshot ] so let's get rolling. i identify cramerica names, the stocks that could but don't always end up on the show is by watching the stocks that appear on the new high list. stocks from the list, the highest of the high, have to have something going for them. that's especially true when the market is in difficult shape as only the best of the best hit new highs when the market is falling apart. what does it tell you when a stock is on the new high list? either that it's part of a genuine bull market or maybe a cohort of it or the company itself has serious momentum. no matter how they get there, many stocks in the new high list often keep going hig
this earnings season. i want to offer you a new way to use earnings season to put it in perspective. because most of you who watch this show are not the day traders that really hijack a lot of the thinking. you're not trying to game a given quarter. because it becomes so difficult to predict, and often the initial moves aren't even accurate because of the press coverage, or because something is nasty in the overall market, because of europe or something involved in the election. in other words, other than for those who are shorting or going long stocks ahead of the quarter, these earnings reports need a context to make you money. they can't be relied upon anymore because they aren't as predictive of future behavior as they once were. they are a piece of the puzzle, a part of the mosaic. but they're only one of many important parts of what predicts where a stock will go over the intermediate term. that tends to be the focus that i teach about on the show. and it is a teaching show, because i want you to know the metrics i'm using to pick stocks i talk about and recommend here, and with my cha
pressure on you, alex but if he uses a word like unlock or three words like bring out value, you won't be able to buy the stock anywhere below 70 bucks. let alone 68.66. this stock has nod not had a stitch of good news in months and all it does is liv tate. wait until gore ski says unlock. this is going higher. a lot of folks are concerned about the role of currency. they won't be able to show the gains we have been expecting. when weak currencies are repatrioted in to stronger dollars, does it really matter? isn't it just paper and transferring? we'll find out. we'll find out when coca-cola will on tuesday. if the stock gets hit on that we know we will have a rough ride for the rest of earnings period when many of the global players report. they have a similar currency situation to coca-cola. coca-cola has big commodity cost pressure. historically they have hedged it but given how petrified buyer and sellers are about the price of corn because of the drought, that's the fundament of corn syrup we will have an update of how badly the food and beverage companies could be dinged by thi
? even under these ghastly conditions i still couldn't see a low that took us down significantly from where prices were. from the moment i made the call there were people telling me i was crazy and i had no idea what i was talking about. [ booing ] >> a month later with the dow 1500 points higher, these people were still there. still sending me e-mails even more impassioned claiming it was still too soon to tell. told me i lost my rigor, i was no longer at the hedge fund and didn't know what i was doing. if you're making that argument, you're digging in your heels and you should be changing your mind. this is something that's hard for the most emotional investors and traders to come to terms with. believe me. i know. it's crucial if you want to be a better investor than you are. people do it all the time with stocks. we would never allow ourselves to make the same argument about sports. let me use an analogy to drive this point home. would you claim your favorite basketball team still had a chance of coming back from behind to win an hour after the game ended? what about a week? how a or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>> in a market that increasingly seems to be dominated by big impersonal so called macro forces and institutions, politics like the slow motion collapse of europe or the federal reserve it's important to remember that individual companies have a lot of control over their own destiny. those are the ones that do it well and we want to own. in other words execution matters whether or not management is to be a good job matters. i think this is something we are going to see over and over again in the thick of earnings season. it's a tough time out there. how important is execution? consider tech, one of the hardest hit sectors out there until t
? a government department that may be using probably not the technology near what the private sector uses to compile data or a store like walmart where 140 million people shop each week. does costco have a better handle on retail sales than the government given they have the sales per square footage of every store in the head while the commerce department doesn't have a permanent secretary at the helm? how about retail sales of autos. in the month of june chrysler sold 20% more cars than last year. more than any year since 2007. gm's numbers are the best since 2008. ford sales were up only 7%. the numbers told us more about retail auto sales than the miserable commerce number but chrysler doesn't trade as an individual company. none of the numbers compare to reports from the banks since earnings season began. today we got citigroup's numbers. they were certainly better than expected. the terrific portion of earnings coming from international. processes over seas, not a lot of risk there. friday we got numbers from jpmorgan and wells fargo. they really do call the commerce department stati
't register until guy adami asked me about it. when i think about doing the laundry, i used to think gtl, gin tan laundry. now when i think of laundry, i should think of hsbc. jpmorgan lost $5 billion. $7 billion? i don't know, something. because some guy, people called the whale fooled jamie dimon. the whale. okay, great. you wa who the heckn't whats to be worried about the bank you keep your money in? it's not just the chicanery, it's the helpless feeling that comes with every single politician on earth and every single central banker in other words to figure out what to do. the mark saskatoon swooned when ben bernanke made it sound like he wasn't going to do anything. the market was getting hammer pd .but then it soared when he said he might do something. that's what with edo? that's what we trade? that's when we're not trading off the fiscal cliff. watch this european fiasco unfold is like betting on a game and you don't even know the rules. yet so many seem to know the outcome ahead of time. and the stocks people can't get enough enough, they aren't the win percent no, everyone seems to
was over. didn't matter to us or anyone else. we had the ceo of honeywell dave cote here. he said the order cycle wasn't over. all that mattered were the negatives from boeing competitor airbus. today we find out the problems were with airbus, not the aerospace cycle. boeing earned 1.27 and one of the best revenue growths of any major company. 21%. more important, they raised guidance. people thought they cut. almost 10%. announced it had $374 billion backlog, $13 billion in new net orders. boeing is mopping the floor with airbus and airbus is going the way of europe which means straight into oblivion. next up who will win following the dictum of bob dylan and the times achanging? how about caterpillar? this is a company with a stock nothing short of horrendous. it was down 10% but retreated from $116 to $80. it had been given up for dead because of the global slow down. what happens if the cat chose not to show? that's what it seemed like after the magnificent quarter, a record. along with a guide up and the stock popped a buck and change. at one point it was up three dollars. cat is a gla
? >> that was awesome. we love you. >> rock. >> come down and see us tomorrow >> rock. >> come down and see us tomorrow on the plaza 8:00. -- captions by vitac -- business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >>> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job isn't just to entertain but i'm trying to educate and teach here. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. let me ask this question. how many times have i come out over the last seven and a half years and told you do not get too negative? i don't know. 250, 300, 437? today is one of those reasons why i never want you to get too pessimistic. not just because the dow went up 212 points, the s&p up the 2 and the nasdaq up 1.37%. ♪ hallelujah >> just when you least expect it and the professionals least expect it you get a major move that will allow you to be as negative as you want and -- [ sell, sell, sell ] sell, sell, sell all you wan
to put too much pressure on you, alex, i know i'm doing this to you, but if gorsky even uses a word like unlock or three words like "bring out value," you won't be able to buy this stock anywhere below 70 bucks let alone for its high today. this stock has had not a stitch of good news in months. all it seems to do is just kind of levitate. wait till gorsky says unlock. it's like unlocking his car door. this thing's going higher. lots of folks are concerned about the role of currency and earnings. namely the companies which export a lot of product on weaker currencies. they won't be able to show the gains we've been expecting. when these weak currencies are repatriated in stronger dollars. you hear all the time the dollar's too strong. does it really matter? isn't it just paper transferring? we'll find out. we'll find out when coca-cola reports on tuesday. the sudden strength of the dollar will likely knock some pennies off k.o.'s performance. if the stock gets hit off that we know we're going to have a rough ride for the rest of earnings period when many of the global players report. we'
. if we get that it allows us to do nothing more than advance to the third cone which is friday's unemployment number. as hard as it might be to get the fed to do the right thing and you come up with something new to get the economy going it might be a hold by the european bank. i have to tell you friday could be the most difficult part of the course. this one could throw us right back down if the job number is down. it might be from a higher level. how do we approach it? first we need to recognize that the best part of the move which started here before we hit the retaining wall might have taken place from where we go from reverse to park and then drive. everything else is on top of that big run. secondly we have to acknowledge that the leaders of our stock market are the stocks that say we will not get through this. look at the makeup of this rally today. we are being red by coca-cola. one of the most defenseless stocks in the book being betted by at&t and wal-mart. so let's get back to the questions i posed at the top. can stocks go higher without anything good happening in t
and you can eat well. >> thank you for coming to see us. >>> tomorrow, jennifer tilly comes by. >>> and elvis durant from z-100 morning show. >> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts. they're nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >>> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain you but i'm trying to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. a wise man named andy dufresne famously once said, i guess it comes down to a simple choice really. get busy living or get busy dying. don't know his stock work? he's a fictional character played by tim robbins in all time cramer fave "the shawshank redemption" but his quote sums up the dow today. there are two kinds of companies operating in this country at the moment. there are the ones that recognize they've got to do something to improve their
on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. but kate still looks like...kate. [ female an
. not as much risk as we're used to seeing. it's how low bonds have gone in yield and how high they've gone in price. i have never seen anything like this. 31 years we haven't seen anything like it. you simply discovered the terrific industrial is in stronger shape than it should be and it's got a much better yield than treasury. why not wait? yielding 4%, conoco or incana or kendrick morgan partners. you can accept you're going to lose a little money, but not a lot of money. these companies pay you to wait. you're betting europe is not suicidal when you buy something with a 4% yield and they'll come up with a solution eventually for the dissolution for one of the largest and most important markets on earth, spain. plus, it's pretty clear we may actually have a bottom in natural gas. as it's held the $2 level and bounced to a $3 level, thanks to a huge number of shut-ins and dramatic decline in drilling. that's what a bottom looks like. supply no longer is exceeding demand. same goes for the high yielding pharma stocks. one of the most important clinical trials out there failed its end poin
like me who can explain what the words mean. think of me as a defector who used to play for the other team managing rich people's money in my old hedge fund, but who's now playing for you, teaching you to navigate your way through the mine field of the stock market every weeknight on "mad money." forget "the da vinci code," the enigma. to be a great investor, you have to break the wall street code. i'm here to help you crack it. that's why tonight i'm giving you my wall street gibberish to plain english dictionary. consider this a glossary of the most important terms you absolutely must understand if you're going to actively manage your own portfolio. words and concepts that many people in the financial industry don't want you to get your heads around. since then you might actually feel empowered enough to pull your money out of their mutual funds and stop handing over fees and commissions. even if you're a pro you may not know enough. want to take advantage of my 30-plus years investing experience and give yourself an edge. let's start with a couple extremely important ideas that go
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 78 (some duplicates have been removed)